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Grotta dei Fantasmi (the Cave of Ghosts)

One of the most scenic caves in the Mediterranean sea, it is located in the Karst complex of Punta Giglio. Discovered in recent times, and to be more precise, in the Summer of 1994, it is located at a depth of only 7 metres depth, and  inside, the transparency of the water and the play of reflections makes one think of a Mexican cenote. The dive takes place along a labyrinth of snow-white chalky rocks, which resemble  the sheets ghosts are usually represented by. Lit up by flashlights, the extreme white of the rocks amplifies the transparent effect and the brightness of the cave; producing reflections which recall the fast and unsettling fluttering of ghosts. The route winds its wings through wide openings, narrow passages and several outcrops, one of which comes out in a real lake framed by falls of very white limestone. It is considered one of the most important underwater caves of the Mediterranean area, both from a geologic-naturalistic standpoint and for the Dolomite-like characteristics present in a marine environment.

Departure: the cave is 8 minutes away from the ArchiMete tourist centre by rubber boat.

Route: the cave is on two levels, and the exploration is quite difficult and for experienced divers only.

Depth: maximum 10-12 metres, the cave’s entrance is at 7 metres depth.

To see: After having entered a room of around 4 metres, the route continues in an underground passage which is a couple of metres long, and less than one metre wide. The flashlight is fundamental here, because you then reach the huge main room, where reflections of the calcite rocks illuminated by the flashlights makes the atmosphere almost spectral and very suggestive. From here, starts a first tunnel, about twenty metres long, which then exits out into an air lake. The cave vault is decorated with stalactites and reddish veins. From here, you enter another tunnel which is, however, slightly shorter than the previous one, taking you to the main room. It is a sort of narrow passage of snow-white rock which, when lit up by the flashlights, is a source of great emotion.

Length of the exploration: 1 hour

Price includes: scuba tank and ballast, transfer by rubber boat, diving and naturalistic guide inside the cave, washing and storage of the equipments.

Further information: the tourist centre ArchiMete offers the possibility to buy cheap diving packages, which allow one to experience the wonders of the Protected Marine Area of Capo Caccia-Isola Piana. The offer can be combined with trekking and snorkeling routes, in addition to naturalistic activities proposed by ArchiMete. See also the section “Discover our offers” on the homepage of the website.

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