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The Cave of Neptune (Grotta di Nettuno)

It is one of the most stunning places easily reachable by visitors and was discovered by chance by a local fisherman in the Eighteenth century. It is accessible both by sea (departures from the port of Alghero or from the boarding pier of Cala Dragunara, just after the enchanting Tramariglio bay), and by land, through the Escala del Cabirol (Stairs of Roebuck), with its 656 steps running along the cliff, and rising up from the sea, just in front of the Isola Foradada (Foradada Island). The inside is breathtaking and the tourist route winds its way through several rooms, with each one presenting different features: the Lamarmora Lake, an underground salt lake which is 9 metres deep, 100 metres long, and 25 metres wide; with a stalagmite column named Acquasantiera (Stoop) at its center. Another stalagmite rises from the bed of the lake and is called Albero di Natale (Christmas Tree). There are also the rooms of the Reggia (Palace), of the Rovine (Ruins), of the Organo (Organ), of Trine e Merletti (Lace and Lacemaking) and of the Tribuna della Musica (Tribune of the Music), which dominate the room of the Reggia (Palace).

The service of guided visit is available all year long. Visits to the site are possible from Easter to October, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. To reach the cave by land, once arrived at the square in Capo Caccia, just read all information on the visit procedures provided on the dedicated wallboard. Instead, to reach the cave by sea, take the motor ship which sails from the port in Alghero.

Further information are available at the tourist office in Alghero (tel. 0039.079.979054).


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