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Bay of Nymphs (kayak)


Excursion that allows you to live the history and culture of the area of Capo Caccia and the bay of Porto Conte, the ancient Roman Nymphaeus Portus, the harbor or bay of the Nymphs, naturally protected from strong winds Tramontana, Maestrale and Ponente. A place that had great strategic importance since ancient times. In the western side of the Bay of the Nymphs, on the shore, there is the Roman villa of Sant’Imbenia. The complex is located right next to the sea and archaeologists have unearthed 49 rooms distributed to almost 140 meters long. According to archaeologists, the villa was the retreat of a wealthy figure of that period, who dedicated himself to the so-called “otium”, which means the care of the spirit and the pleasures of the body. But it was also a safe landfall for people and goods. On board the kayak is it possible to reach and visit the most attractive places of the area like the coast of Sant’Imbenia, Pineta Mugoni and the beaches of Porto Conte.

Departure and arrival: Tramariglio Bay, tourist center ArchiMete.

Route: easy and enjoyable, suitable for both amateur and experienced paddlers.

Distance: about 11 km (5.5 nautical miles) round trip, for about 3 hours and a half trip with a break along the way.

Info: +39 327 5909300 –

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