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Caput Hermaeum (kayak)


Capo Caccia, the “sleeping giant”, is the immense promontory symbol of Alghero and the Coral Riviera. It is among the most impressive of the Mediterranean, so that the Latins called it Caput Hermaeum.
Over thousands of years nature has carved inside spectacular caves, both aerial and submerged: among them there is also the Nereo Cave, the largest cavity diving in the Mediterranean sea.
The kayaking route starts from the sheltered bay of Tramariglio and goes onĀ  the western side of the large fjord of Porto Conte, allowing you to enjoy beautiful places like the Tower of Tramariglio, natural pools of Cala Dragunara, the Torre del Bollo (Bollo tower), the Green Cave and the cliffs overlooking the sea at Capo Caccia.
Rounded the Cape, there is the scenery of the island with its beautiful Foradada tunnel, and then coves and bays that nature has carved into the rock. Between a paddle and the other, visitor lives the history and legends, such as those related to the frequent incursions of pirates and corsairs in the past centuries.

Departure and arrival: Tramariglio Bay, tourist center ArchiMete.

Route: easy and enjoyable, suitable for both amateur and experienced paddlers.

Distance: about 13 km (7 nautical miles) round trip, for about 3 hours and a half trip with a break at Cala Inferno.

Info: +39 327 5909300 –

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