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The Bramassa (kayak)


Suggestive kayaking tour to live intense emotions in the sea of the great natural fjord of Porto Conte. The Bramassa, in particular, is a delightful beach of pebbles and rocks that are reflected on a sea turquoise-blue. Landing with kayak here is always exciting, both for the environment, quiet and full of Mediterranean bush, and the uniqueness of the place. Halt the paddle and lean out the head on the surface of the sea to enjoy the wonders of the underwater seabed, rich in flora and fauna. On the other side stands the shape of the “Sleeping Giant”, the cliffs of Capo Caccia, which is the symbol of the Coral coast of Alghero. The Bramassa is also a popular destination for snorkeling and hiking. From here, in fact, starts a series of trails that leads to Giglio Point.

Departure and arrival: Tramariglio Bay, tourist center ArchiMete.

Route: easy and enjoyable, suitable for both amateur and experienced paddlers.

Distance: about 10 km (5 nautical miles) round trip, for about 3 hours and a half trip with a break along the way.

Info: +39 327 5909300 –

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