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Luoghi d'interesse Alghero


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The history of the territory surrounding Alghero is fascinating and extraordinary in many ways. In fact, a period of relaxation in this area is enriched by cultural cues of considerable interest. In a part of the territory, which is not so big, stunning historical and archeological finds dating back to the Prenuragic and Nuragic ages are kept, like the hypogean necropolises of Santu Pedru (Saint Peter) and Anghelu Ruju (Red Angel, or the Devil), along with the Nuragic villages of Palmavera and Sant’Imbenia; all which are easily reachable from the tourist centre ArchiMete.

By clicking on the icons, on the left-hand side of this page, it is possible to know more about the history and other interesting facts about these places; as well as plan your trekking routes surrounded by nature, history, culture and archeology. All this flavored with a touch of adventure. Definitely not a bad deal!

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