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Relax, fun, culture, sports and emotions: poker hand for Alghero and Capo Caccia

18 Gennaio 2018 | By

The entrance of the big bay of Porto Conte. In the background Capo Caccia

A holiday in Sardinia, at Alghero with “the Coral Riviera”, is fascinating and extraordinary in many ways. In fact, a period of relaxation in this area is enriched by cultural cues of considerable interest. In a part of the territory, which is not so big, stunning historical and archeological finds dating back to the Prenuragic and Nuragic ages are kept.
The Necropolis of Anghelu Ruju is the largest Prenuragic area in Sardinia. It was discovered by chance in 1903, during the excavations for the building of a farmhouse. The finding of some human bones encouraged further excavations, until crockery, jewels and several hypogean graves were discovered. Over the years, a total of 38 Domus de Janas (Home of the Fairies) were discovered,

The Palmavera nuraghe

along with underground graves dating back to three different historic periods: the civilization of Ozieri (3500 B.C.), of the bell-shaped vase (2000-1900 B.C.), and of Bonnanaro (1800 B.C.).
Don’t miss, nearby, the magnificent Nuragic complex of Palmavera. The main keep dates back to the Fifteenth-Fourteenth century B.C., and can be still visited in all its parts; including the large central room with a tholos cupola. Considered the structure of the complex, which was built at the foot of the Doglia Mountain, archaeologists presume that it was surrounded by cabins and refuges. The second cycle of life of the Nuraghe, started after the first half of the Ninth century B.C., when a second keep was added and the first one was covered with blocks of sandstone, a very common (altro…)

Italia Diving Tour 2016: join it!

5 Maggio 2016 | By

Italia Diving TourThe Italia Diving Tour is a nice project for scuba divers and launched through, the Italian institutional website dedicated to natural parks and marine protected areas in Italy.
At the moment –but the number is steadily growing- there are 212 dive sites along the Italian coast which can be explored and known with this initiative.
The aim is to attract divers in the national parks and protected areas: unique opportunities to see breathtaking panoramas and the important results that the protection of the ecosystem has produced in many natural areas. Such as the Park of Porto Conte and the Marine Protected Area of Capo Caccia-Isola Piana.IMG_4066
Joining Italia Diving Tour is easy! Through one of the welcoming pages of diving is possible to book diving: the procedure doesn’t require any payments or commitments by credit card. The reservation is transmitted instantly via SMS and email.
Once you make the dive, the diving center will release the stamp Italian Diving Tour and the coupon where to attach it. 10 stamps are enough to receive the prestigious sweatshirt of the Italia Diving Tour!

But what awaits you in Capo Caccia? Certainly.., not just diving. But an earthly paradise above and under the sea that allows to experience nature at 360-degree. From diving to snorkeling, hiking tour to food&culture tour, until wonderful r.i.b. trips, one of the best way to reach the majestic cliffs that are Unesco heritage.
The Marine Protected Area of Capo Caccia-Isola Piana was created in 2002 with the aim of protecting the natural and faunal heritage, which is unique in the world. Here, in fact, there is the highest concentration of underwater caves in the Mediterranean sea, which were a privileged refuge for monk seals until a few decades ago. Stunning and scenic ravines, rich in underwater flora and fauna, can easily be visited by groups of divers. Click here for some more information…

Hotel Alguer (Alghero)

10 Luglio 2015 | By


The recently constructed Hotel Alguer is in an ideal position near two of the main roads of Alghero. Just a few minutes from the International Airport Riviera del Corallo (Alghero-Fertilia), the most beautiful and famous sites along the coast and easy access to the roads that lead to other well known coastal or inland areas of Sardinia.

The hotel has 12 rooms, 2 of which are structured to accommodate disabled. All of them have private bathroom with window, 11 have a balcony.
The rooms have independent air conditioning, minibar, direct phone line, satellite and digital TV, safe, direct phone line, hairdryer, Internet WiFi that allows you to navigate and work.
The off-street parking is free.


Hotel Alguer, G. De Giorgio road, 12, 07041 Alghero (SS)
Phone (+39) 079 9739572
Visit the website (


Quality label of the Park of Porto Conte: a new challenge for a sustainable future

6 Giugno 2015 | By

Marchio parco Poto Conte 3

Marchio parco Poto Conte 1

The official ceremony

The OveringDivingCenter, diving center linked to ArchiMete, got the Quality label of the Nature Park of Porto Conte, at Alghero in Sardinia. A symbol of quality, but also environmental sustainability and proper promotion of the territory.
On May 29, at Casa Gioiosa, HQ of the Park of Porto Conte, it was held the ceremony attended by the President of the Park Antonio Farris, the Director Vittorio Gazale, the vice-mayor of Alghero Raimondo Cacciotto, assessor economic development Natacha Lampis and the Director General of Laore Agency Maria Ibba.
The recognition of the label arrives at the end of a long process of precise commitments and corporate audits carried out by the technicians of the park, under the coordination of the biologist Marirosa Martinelli.
We fielded “eco-friendly” actions, such as water and energy saving, the employ of local personnel, use of local typical products, the use of marine engines with low emissions, the use of furniture made with “FSC” (Forest Stewardship Council) wood, the use of paper Revive Pure Natural Matt 100% recycled, certified Ecolabel for printing of promotional materials. In addition it is available for customers a shuttle service with minibus.
The Label of the Park means the specific desire to protect an area with natural and cultural resources unique and precious. Because it is only with the protection and attention to the territory as a whole (altro…)

B&B Sa Branda (near Capo Caccia)

9 Aprile 2015 | By


The Bed & Breakfast Sa Branda is an old farmhouse built during the land reform of the 50’s, enlarged and restored at the end of 90’s.
The accommodation, comfortable and cosy, is in a central position of the airport and the city of Alghero and has several apartments with separate entrance, kitchenette, bedroom and bathroom with shower. The offer is completed with air conditioning, flat screen TV and Wi-Fi.
The estate of the B&B is surrounded by fruit trees and vineyards with the main grapes of Sardinia, as Cannonau, Monica and Vermentino. But it is also near to the famous beaches of Porto Ferro, Mugoni and the beautiful area of Capo Caccia. Here there are the Nature Park of Porto Conte and the Marine protected area of Capo Caccia-Isola Piana and are a paradise for active tourism: diving, snorkeling, trekking, kayaking and food&culture tours.
The service of the B&B includes bed linen and toiletries, hairdryer and soaps. Every morning the owner serves to his guests a rich Mediterranean breakfast with cappuccino, coffee, tea, fruit juice, fresh bread, biscuits, assorted biscuits, butter, jam and seasonal fruit.


Bed & Breakfast Sa Branda, via Regione Corea 29
07041 Alghero (SS)
Mobile (+39) 340.2600265 (Dario)
Visit the website (



Capo Caccia, a new life for wonderful cliffs

15 Marzo 2015 | By


Scenes from an apocalypse. But don’t worry, everything is planned and controlled. Is still ongoing the yard for the consolidation of the cliff of Capo Caccia, in the Marine Protected Area of Capo Caccia-Isola Piana. A unique place protected by Unesco and that is famous all over the world for environmental heritage, historical, natural and cultural heritage.
After nearly three months of surveys and preliminary work, on the morning of Friday, March 13 the team of climbers from Fluminimaggiore, in Sardinia, that is working for (altro…)

At Capo Caccia, in Sardinia, there is a sunken treasure

26 Febbraio 2015 | By

The cave of the light

Grotta di Falco

Tha cave of Falco

An astonishing treasure is hidden in the cliffs of Capo Caccia, in the area of Alghero, in Sardinia. A natural treasure that belongs to everyone and it is wonderful to find out with mask and fins during a snorkeling tour, or with scuba diving –starting from a well equipped diving center– to visit, in safety, unique caves in the Mediterranean Sea. Here there are true masterpieces of nature: stalactites, stalagmites, lace in calcite that even the most skilled craftsmen would struggle to reproduce. (altro…)

School and sea: Mother Nature, really a special teacher!

30 Maggio 2014 | By


A snorkeling experience in the Marine Protected Area of Capo Caccia-Isola Piana to learn about the marine environment and learn how to respect all the organisms that inhabit it. It’s the environmental education project “Via Mare” (by sea) which was organized by the experts of the AMP (Marine Protected Area) Capo Caccia -Isola Piana. From the end of May, hundreds of students from several schools of Alghero – from primary, secondary to high school – have put into practice the lessons that biologists of the AMP had in schools during the year.

In small groups, equipped from OveringDivingCenter/ArchiMete with mask, snorkel, fins and wetsuits total body, pupils had the (altro…)

Dolphin (Snorkeling &…)

9 Giugno 2012 | By

Fins and mask to live a turquoise dream


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I day
Arrival at the accommodation.

II day
The giants of stone. Snorkeling along the cliffs of Capo Caccia

III day
Shadow of the giant. Snorkeling tour of Capo Caccia face to face with enchanting cliffs

IV day
Morning: the charm of flora and fauna along the trails of Prigionette forest, in the Nature Park of Porto Conte (with trekking guide. Difficulty level: easy)
End of stay


Fee: 300,00 Euros per person


For further information please send an e-mail to the following e-mail address, specifying the term “info on the stay” in the subject.


Or, call the following phone nr.+39 327 5909300 – +39.333.6744889 – +39 334 9372278 (from 9 to 1 p.m.; and from 2 to 7 p.m.)


Useful information
Price includes: stay at B&B Sa Branda, with bed&breakfast formula, 2 snorkeling tours in the Marine Protected Area*; 1 trekking excursion in the Nature Park of Porto Conte; 3 snacks; shuttle service to accommodation and activities.

*(including equipment: mask, snorkel, wetsuit, fins)

Number of participants: minimum 2.

Recommended period: April, May, June, September, October, November


The facility chosen for this stay is:

B&B Sa Branda








Request a quotation for July and August, or if you need another accommodation for the stay.



Diving courses

30 Gennaio 2012 | By

Diving course 12


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The sport center ArchiMete organizes all year round scuba diving courses for all ages and all skill levels. The courses are held by qualified scuba instructors from Overing Diving Center, diving center that operates in partnership with ArchiMete, and are divided into a theoretical part and a practical part.

The first aim of all the courses is to provide the diver with the necessary tools to live in a safe the experience of scuba diving.

A sport that embodies the fun, freedom and the very close relationship with the sea and with nature.

For information about diving courses, please send an e-mail to the following e-mail address:, and specify “Info on diving courses” in the subject.

Or, you can directly call the following phone nr. +39.333.6744889 (Sandro) – +39.334.9372278 (opening hours: 9 – 1 p.m. / 2 – 7 p.m.)

Please, before read our privacy policy


padi-logo LogoESA








***********DIVING COURSES ***********


Scuola sub lezione ArchiMete ok

ESA Smile Diver: course for children over 12 years. It allows them to experience the thrill of the first breath underwater, in complete safety and under the close supervision of a dive professional. The program takes place under the water and comes with a very nice kit in which, in addition to the diploma and the Smile Card Diver, the little diver will find the ESA Smile Diver Story, cartoon designed to explain in simple and clear basic rules for a first approach with f

un and safe diving. The Smile Diver Card is valid for 21 days and during this period the diver can repeat similar experiences to those experienced during the program, always in the company of a scuba instructor.

Practical Information: minimum age 12 years, delivery kit with student manuals and handouts, 1 theory lesson, 1 lesson practice in confined water, 1 scuba diving.


ESA Easy Dive: This is the first step towards diving, a new way to get to know other people and to achieve a big dream. It is the natural approach to diving, accompanied by a kit with diploma Easy Dive, the Easy Story Card and the Easy Dive Card. In 21 days of validity of the patent, the student will have the opportunity to continue to dive under the guide of an ESA scuba instructor. And, again, the ability to access courses ESA Open Water / ESA New Diver and receive credits for some of the exercises already carried.

Practical Information: minimum age 12 years, with delivery kits student manuals and handouts, 1 theory lesson, 1 lesson practice in confined water, 1 scuba diving.


Scuola sub lezione

ESA New Diver (EN 14153-1): ideal course for those who want a gradual approach with the diving activities and for those who want to immerse themselves within the operating limits of this patent (maximum depth 10 meters and under the guide of a scuba instructor).

Practical Information: Minimum age 12 years for Junior divers, 15 years for others. Delivery kit with student manuals and handouts, 2 theory lessons, 2 practice lessons in confined water, 2 scuba diving.


ESA Open Water Diver (EN 14153-2): is the course that offers the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and the practical skills to dive safely within the maximum depth of 18 meters, while respecting the buddy system.

Practical Information: Minimum age 12 years for Junior divers, 15 years for others. Delivery kit with student manuals and handouts, 5 theory lessons, 5 confined water practice lessons, 4 scuba diving.


Scuola sub lezione ArchiMete 2 ok

ESA Advanced Diver: allows you to learn the techniques and basic knowledge related to different areas of diving. During the course you will acquire information and is held practice of diving computers, underwater structure, navigation with compass and underwater orientation, deep diving and night (or naturalist dives).
To participate, you must already be in possession of the prior patent Open Water Diver / Junior OWD (Or equivalent).

Practical Information: Minimum age 12 years for Junior divers, 15 years for others. Delivery kit with student manuals and handouts, 5 theory lessons, 5 scuba diving.


ESA Prevention & Rescue Diver: is the course that allows you to learn the fundamentals and techniques to prevent or cooperate in the rescue operations in the event of a diving accident. The course is divided into 6 theoretical presentations and 4 practical exercises. To enroll you must demonstrate that they have completed at least 20 dives and being in possession of the patent Esa Advanced Diver (or equivalent).

Practical Information: Minimum age 15 years. Delivery kit with student manuals and handouts, 6 theory lessons, scuba diving 4, 1 tutorial on the ground.


ESA First Aid: the course provides the necessary information to help other people in the event of accident or injury on land or at sea. Through a simple but efficient program explains the key life-saving maneuvers to be taken in case of emergency.

Practical Information: minimum age 15 years, holds the patent Esa Advanced Diver (or equivalent), at least 30 logged dives on the log-book.


ESA Specialty Diver: There are different areas of diving under which acquire a Specialty Diver certification. In these courses are thorough theoretical information and practical skills to plan and conduct dives into new environments and / or new techniques.

Practical Information: minimum age 15 years, holds the patent Esa Advanced Diver (or equivalent), at least 30 logged dives on the log-book.


ESA Dive Leader: marks the entrance into professional diving. This course enables students to become leaders divers and transfers the skills needed to better manage the group during the dive.

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