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Dive safely. Some useful tips

22 Aprile 2013 | By


With first days summery, for lovers of sea and diving begins the irresistible fun to wear wetsuits and tanks and regain the wonders of the marine world.
But before giving vent to passion is good to take into consideration a few golden rules that will make it even more enjoyable diving season long.
A good physical preparation is certainly an important factor. A great help is already from simple everyday practices, how to choose the stairs instead of the elevator, park the car a little more distant from the place you want to achieve, so to be “obliged” to go a little road fast pace, if possible prefer the bike to the car, avoid smoking and taking any kind of drugs. It is essential to perform a medical check-up every year and, besides these few rules, you should practice a bit of non-competitive sports aerobics such as jogging, Nordic walking, football, soccer and all those sports that move in a harmonious way all the muscles of the body.
Therefore, we are almost ready for a dip in the water! But first, especially for those who have only recently started diving or has not matured sufficiently long experience, it is appropriate to review the basic rules of the diving. If the idle period is quite long, it is a good idea to refresh dives (possibly even in the pool) and regain confidence with the equipment. Important tips will come to the instructor who has followed you during the course or the book on which you have studied in order to achieve the diving-licence, the necessary certification to dive.

Finally! It’s time to dive! At the diving or the tourist center you will find all the services necessary to perform diving. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go splash!

10 rules for safe diving:
1) be medically fit to practice diving;
2) keep himself fit;
3) keep the diving licence in efficiency by performing diving during the whole season;
4) prudence with the first dive of the season, always respecting the buddy system;
5) always comply the depth limits of the diving licence that you own and, in any case, for recreational diving never exceed 39 meters;
6) dive only if you are in good health and do not worry if a general malaise should also preclude the dive of your buddy. Never waive the security;
7) Plan carefully the dive, the depth and refresh the conventional signals;
8) Always check the efficiency of your equipment and get to know the functionality of the companion or that the rented;
9) At the end of the dive avoid physical effort in order to promote tissue desaturation of the body;
10) Do not take the airplane for 24 hours after the dive and do not go to high altitude to avoid pressure problems that could be highly dangerous.

And now … mask, fins and tanks and off we go!

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