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Mask and diving tanks to enter the history

16 Giugno 2013 | By


Living the sea, the nature and the history in safety. In Alghero (Sardinia), the tourist center ArchiMete has just launched, in cooperation with OveringDiving, internal diving center, the new season of courses in several specialties.
In addition to classical Open Water Diver (OWD, 1st level, up to 18 meters) and Advanced Open Water Diver (AOWD, 2nd level, up to 39 meters), the center offers the specialty in underwater archaeology. The idea was born with the specific aim of supporting the tourist and spread the principles of protection of historical, artistic and cultural heritage which are located above and below the sea. In the full knowledge that the area of Alghero and Capo Caccia is a real field of culture, history and archeology.

reperto archeologico subacqueo
The course is divided into four areas: a theoretical part which delves into the history of underwater archeology and archaeological research, one dedicated to the methodology of classification based on the findings, another section on research techniques and detection of underwater contexts. Finally, a study on international law.
(For info: at ArchiMete or Dr. Paolo Spina, underwater archaeologist, +39.349.6030821 – email: – Please, before read our privacy policy).
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