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Tunnel del Cabirol (the Tunnel of the Roebuck)

It is a suggestive tunnel which takes its name from the Scalinata del Cabirol (the Steps of the Roebuck) –located right above the diving point– and leading to the famous Grotta di Nettuno (the Cave of Neptune). The tunnel’s entrance is very wide and rays of sunlight penetrate inside, creating spectacular plays of light. The cave is wedged into the cliff, and extends for about fifty metres, after which you enter another smaller cave, which is located right above the bigger one. Exiting out of the cave, you continue the dive along the outer wall of the headland, which is very rich in ravines and burrows.

Departure: the cave is 8 minutes away from th ArchiMete tourist centre by rubber boat.

Route: the cave in on two levels and the exploration is quite easy.

Depth: the cave entrance is at 16 metres depths, once you have arrived at the outer wall, you can reach the seabed at 30 metres.

To see: colorful walls, covered by sponges and corals, disclose ravines where spin lobsters, moray eels, but also nudibranches and shrimps find shelter. Just outside the tunnel, it is easy to spot big pelagic fishes and sea breams hunting their quarry.

Length of the exploration: 1 hour

Price includes: scuba tank and ballast, transfer by rubber boat, diving and naturalistic guide inside the cave, washing and storage of the equipment.

Further information: the tourist centre ArchiMete offers the possibility to buy cheap diving packages, which allow one to experience the wonders of the Protected Marine Area of Capo Caccia-Isola Piana. The offer can be combined with trekking and snorkeling routes, in addition to naturalistic activities proposed by ArchiMete. See also the section “Discover our offers” on the homepage of the website.


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