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Grotta della Madonnina (the Cave of the Madonna)

It  is one of the most classic dives for those who visit the Riviera del Corallo (Coral Riviera). An easy excursion, which is also rich in many points of interest. The cave is located in the last ramification of Capo Caccia, and extends towards the eastern side. At 15 metres depth, begins the spectacular Grotta della Madonnina (Cave of the Madonna), taking its name from a small aedicule with the image of the Blessed Virgin, which is located right outside the water, and anchored onto a nearby cliff. Once you have visited the underwater cave, the dive continues along fallen rocks; big rocks turn into natural balconies from which it is possible to admire, undisturbed, the passage of big pelagic fishes, like amberjacks, sea breams, barracudas and, sometimes, even dolphins.

Departure: the cave is 5 minutes away from the ArchiMete tourist centre by rubber boat.

Route: the cave is on one level and the exploration is easy and enjoyable.

Depth: maximum 21 metres, the cave entrance is located at 12 metres depth.

To see: the walls of the underwater cave are covered by colorful sponges and sea daisies, and it is easy to come across congers, spin lobsters, weasels and even some shy octopuses, which safely hide inside their unmistakable nests made up by small piles of rocks. Photographers and underwater video operators really appreciate the cave, because of the lighting conditions and the varieties of rooms it offers.

Length of the exploration: 1 hour

Price includes: scuba tank and ballast, transfer by rubber boat, diving and naturalistic guide inside the cave, washing and storage of the equipment.

Further information: the tourist centre ArchiMete offers the possibility to buy cheap diving packages, which allow one to experience the wonders of the Protected Marine Area of Capo Caccia-Isola Piana. The offer can be combined with trekking and snorkeling routes, in addition to naturalistic activities proposed by ArchiMete. See also the section “Discover our offers” on the homepage of the website.


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