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The Nuraghe of Palmavera

Along the coastal road 127 Bis which connects Alghero to Capo Caccia, three and a half kilometres after Fertilia (at kilometre 32), we find the magnificent Nuragic complex of Palmavera. The main keep dates back to the Fifteenth-Fourteenth century B.C., and can be still visited in all its parts; including the large central room with a tholos cupola. Considered the structure of the complex, which was built at the foot of the Doglia Mountain, archaeologists presume that it was surrounded by cabins and refuges. The second cycle of life of the Nuraghe, started after the first half of the Ninth century B.C., when a second keep was added and the first one was covered with blocks of sandstone, a very common material in this area.
The visit is organized between the two towers, and it is also possible to visit the meeting cabin, where there are still a stone bench, a bath and the throne of the tribal chief. During the excavations, archaeologists found several artifacts, which today are mainly exhibited at the National Archaeological Museum “Sanna” in Sassari (at 64, via Roma; Phone nr.  0038.079.272203 –

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