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On a kayak to live as protagonists the natural wonders of the Marine Protected Area of Capo Caccia and of the park of Porto Conte. Unique emotions! Capo Caccia, the sleeping giant which dominates the Riviera del Corallo (Coral Riviera), symbolizes strength and unopposed nature, and is often even inaccessible. Logo beach bar per sito eng OKA huge cape of chalky rock located in the western side of Sardinia, which rises up from the sea to a height of 186 metres. At the highest point, we find the meteorological station of Capo Caccia, which hosts also the lighthouse.

The sides of sheer snow-white rock which fall off into the sea, are inaccessible shelters for several specimens of animal; in particular for birds and raptors, which build their nests, exploiting the clefts and ridges of the cliffs.


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