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The ring of Capo Caccia

It is the most classic tour, but also the one that makes you enjoy one the most suggestive and natural landscapes of the area. The excursion lasts around 4 and a half hours, and winds its way through the heart of the Capo, with a drop of around 400 metres. The tourist centre ArchiMete is a perfect departure point; after just a few hundred metres walk among the flourishing maquis, you will reach the nice village of Tramariglio and, from here, the Tower of the Tramariglio port, and Cala Calcina. Then, moving towards the western side of the cape, it is possible to enjoy the suggestive landscape of Cala Inferno, which rises up from the sea and overlooks the Isola Foradada (Foradada Island). The rocks of granite are also nice convenient rest areas, where it is possible to refresh oneself, and get ready to continue towards the Capo, to eventually reach the Scala del Cabirol (Stair of the Roedeer), the departure point for visiting the Grotta di Nettuno (the Cave of Neptune). Once back on the main road, you will continue on a path along the cliff which goes up to the Torre del Pegna (the Tower of Pegna), located at 271 metres; then, from here, you will return to the enchanting Tramariglio bay for a refreshing bath or a moment of relaxation surrounded by nature.


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