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Torre del Bollo (the Bollo Tower)


A path of great naturalistic and historical interest, since it is nestled among the Mediterranean maquis, in front of the blue sea of Capo Caccia, allowing one to admire historical artifacts, like the Torre del Bollo (the Bollo Tower), dating back to the  Seventeenth century; belonging to a long chain of coastal lookout towers against pirates, plunderers and enemies. The tourist centre ArchiMete is a perfect departure point, because from here, and by foot, by bike or by car, it is possible to reach the small pier of Cala Dragunara. From there, you start going up in a South-East direction towards Capo Caccia, passing along paths which are tucked away among the maquis, including Cistus, junipers, wild rosemary, mastic trees and flourishing euphorbias. With just a turn of your head, you will be enchanted by the blue-green waters of Cala Dragunara and Porto Conte, including the little cape of Punta Giglio. There are so many beautiful things to see that the 400-500 metres length of the path pass quickly. In a few minutes time, you will reach a little hill, overlooked by the Torre del Bollo (the Bollo Tower), a fortified building of the Seventeenth century which was used, up until a few centuries ago, as a privileged outlook place. From here, a downhill path starts, taking you to the sea in just a few minutes, and close to Cala Dragunara. But the surprises aren’t finished yet: one of the most beautiful snorkeling routes of the Marine Protected Area of Capo Caccia-Isola Piana winds its way through this stretch of coast.

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