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Capo Caccia, a new life for wonderful cliffs

15 Marzo 2015 | By


Scenes from an apocalypse. But don’t worry, everything is planned and controlled. Is still ongoing the yard for the consolidation of the cliff of Capo Caccia, in the Marine Protected Area of Capo Caccia-Isola Piana. A unique place protected by Unesco and that is famous all over the world for environmental heritage, historical, natural and cultural heritage.
After nearly three months of surveys and preliminary work, on the morning of Friday, March 13 the team of climbers from Fluminimaggiore, in Sardinia, that is working for the contractor Eurorock Srl, has implemented a spectacular operation to detach parts rock and boulders that put at risk the stability of 65 thousand square meters of the south-western Cape. A barring of 400 cubic meters of rock dropped from 180 meters. All under the supervision of the project manager Gianni Cruciani, the men of the Coast Guard of Alghero at command of Lieutenant Mirko Orrù, and with the technical support of Overing Diving Center which is based in the near bay of Tramariglio.

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Consolidation work, as explained Gianni Cruciani, will continue with the nailing of the cliff and the laying of steel nets to prevent rock falling. Operations in order to place perfectly safe the whole area before the beginning of the tourist season.
In fact the area of Capo Caccia is famous worldwide for the presence of some of the most impressive and spectacular caves in the Mediterranean: terrestrial, semi-submerged and submerged. For example Neptune’s Grotto, the Green Grotto and real paradises for divers such as the Cave of Nereus, the Tunnel of Cabirol or The cave of the Colonnades.
The yard also includes the rebuilding of the Scala Cabirol, scenic promenade of 656 steps running along the cliff, coastal access to the Neptune’s Grotto.

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