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At Capo Caccia, in Sardinia, there is a sunken treasure

26 Febbraio 2015 | By

The cave of the light

Grotta di Falco

Tha cave of Falco

An astonishing treasure is hidden in the cliffs of Capo Caccia, in the area of Alghero, in Sardinia. A natural treasure that belongs to everyone and it is wonderful to find out with mask and fins during a snorkeling tour, or with scuba diving –starting from a well equipped diving center– to visit, in safety, unique caves in the Mediterranean Sea. Here there are true masterpieces of nature: stalactites, stalagmites, lace in calcite that even the most skilled craftsmen would struggle to reproduce.
The area, the heart of the Riviera del Corallo (so called because of the presence in the depths of the precious red coral of Alghero), is a favorite destination for people who love to relax in a wild and untouched nature, but also with interesting historical and archaeological evidence. That’s the reason why the area is protected by two natural areas, one at sea and one in land: the Marine Protected Area of Capo Caccia-Isola Piana and the Nature Park of Porto Conte.

Capo Caccia-Grotta di Nereo 6

The Nereo Cave

Among the main attractions of the Marine Area are the underwater caves and semisubmerged caves. Massifs limestone plunge into the sea creating steep cliffs which, for their extraordinary beauty, are among the sites protected by Unesco. It is here that we find the famous Neptune’s Grotto, easily accessible by boat or by stairway called “Goat’s steps”, a scenic promenade along the western cliff of Capo Caccia. In the seabed around the Cape there is also the Nereo Cave, the largest underwater cave in the Mediterranean: over 300 meters of extension with about 500 meters of wonderful tunnels. A diver can’t miss this dive in his dive log!

Corallo rosso Punta Giglio

Red coral at Capo Caccia

It’s really a unique underwater environment in Sardinia and in the Mediterranean Sea. Then, thanks to the protection operated by the Marine Protected Area, the area is now a heaven of life and colors. A treasure chest of beauty around which must increasingly turn the tourism (sustainable) industry of Sardinia and Italy.






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