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What is ArchiMete


ArchiMete, like Archimedes, a great genius and inventor.
It is a tourist centre specialized in the sector of active and dynamic tourism. “Archi” refers to archaeology, history and culture; “Mete” refers to longed for and wished for destinations. The aim is to offer tourists the opportunity to create a “clever” holiday, which meets everyone’s expectations as much as possible.
ArchiMete is located in the middle of the Tramariglio bay, between a land and sea reserve: the Regional Natural Park of Porto Conte and the Marine Protected Area of Capo Caccia-Isola Piana. A natural landscape, where it is possible to spend holidays periods having fun in total relaxation, and giving in to your every whim.
Activities foresee dives (the area of Capo Caccia is one of the most famous in the world for its stunning underwater caves), snorkeling including a tour of the cliffs; kayaking and hiking. The renting of rubber boats offers the possibility to experience this corner of earthly paradise in the most real and personal way imaginable.

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