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Capo Caccia, just a few kilometres northwest of Alghero, is one of the most famous capes of the Mediterranean sea. An enchanting place, nestled among nature and easily reachable by any means of transportation..

  By plane: the airport of Alghero Fertilia is just a quarter of an hour away from the Tramariglio bay, and a departure point for many of the most enchanting underwater itineraries of this area. Official website of Alghero airport

  By ferry: the most convenient ports of call are Porto Torres (only 40 kilometres away) and Olbia (140 kilometres of easy roads and freeway).

For those coming from Alghero, follow the highway 127 Bis, heading towards Porto Conte and the general direction of Capo Caccia. Instead, for those coming from Sassari or the airport of Alghero-Fertilia, follow the county road 55 and 55 Bis, heading toward Capo Caccia and Grotte di Nettuto (Caves of Neptune). As soon as you reach the small town centre (which is also recognizable by the presence of the Scientific and Technological Park of Porto Conte), on your left, you will find directions for ArchiMete Sardegna and the Overing Diving Center. After a few hundred metres and past the pier area, you will reach the bay, with convenient parking right in front of the tourist centre. 

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