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A jewel called Sardinia: diving, snorkeling and active tourism at WTM 2014 in London

28 Ottobre 2014 | By

From 3rd to 6th of November we will attend the World Travel Market – WTM London 2014, international tourism fair which attracts traders from all over the world. (altro…)

Sardinia, an Island for all seasons. Bitas 2013, active tourism is served.

5 Marzo 2013 | By

Bitas 2013 

The Active tourism is the “flagship” of touristic offer in Sardinia, a region that proposes many opportunities to live a period of fun and relax in outdoor activities and wonderful natural environments.
The appointment for the Sardinian touristic industry, both national and international, is at Bosa (Province of Oristano) from 12 to 17th march, where is planned the 4th edition of BITAS, International Active Tourism  Fair in Sardinia, organized by Agenzia Sardegna Promozione under the patronage of ENIT, the Italian National Agency for Tourism, which acknowledged “the high tourist value of the event.”
Touristic, but also economic, we might add. Because tourism is a precious sector for the development of our beautiful Island and the national economy in general. The aim of the event is to promote and boost active tourism as one of the major events backing the purpose of developing an “all year long tourism season” in Sardinia. So tourists have the opportunity to have fun with scuba diving, snorkeling tour, kayaking, hiking, Nordic walking, horse riding, sailing and many other outdoor activities.
In active tourism, many touristic companies decided to study and develop new ideas and projects. For example the Technological Multisport Week (TMW), multisport week supported by advanced technologies and developed together Area 3 – A Human Motion Lab and Aqvatech Engineering, companies both operating in the Science and Technology Park of “Porto Conte Ricerche”, at Capo Caccia-Alghero.
BITAS is a strategic fair for the next tourist season and the hope is that the participation of tourism companies is a further incentive to improve infrastructures and networks for a sector that for Sardinia is simply essential.

Mens sana in corpore sano. “Techno-Tourism”: the new frontier of tourism in Sardinia is called TMW

18 Dicembre 2012 | By

Research and technology applied to tourism. It starts from Alghero, in Sardinia, the innovative project TMW, acronym for Technological Multisport Week, experience in active tourism supported by advanced technologies.
The project was born from the cooperation between the sardinian society ArchiMete Ltd., headquartered in Tramariglio (Alghero – Capo Caccia) and specialized in active tourism and, Area 3 – A Human Motion Lab and Aqvatech Engineering, companies both operating in the Science and Technology Park of “Porto Conte Ricerche”, within the wonderful natural environment of Capo Caccia.
Tourism has potential for sustaining development of Sardinia and Italy, but is going through a difficult time due to the international economic crisis. That’s why ArchiMete, Area 3 and Aqvatech studied and launched TMW, multisport original and innovative week. The idea is to link the practice of sports to a unique environment: the area of Alghero, the land Park of Porto Conte and the Marine Protected Area of Capo Caccia and Isola Piana. Everything with the support of science, technology and training of the companies located in the prestigious Science and Technology Park of Porto Conte Ricerche.
In this way tourists have the opportunity to live environment and nature through the practice of activities such as diving, snorkeling, trekking, kayaking, mountain biking and horseback riding.


The added value of TMW is the possibility to make a check-up of physical qualities (such as strength, balance, body composition, etc..) during functional assessment performed by Area 3. The same model used by the athletes of Dinamo-Bank of Sardinia Sassari, team that (altro…)

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