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As follows are the terms and conditions of the services offered by the ArchiMete srl tourist centre (herein referred to also as the “Company”). The terms specified in this document are valid upon reservation of the services, and it is necessary to take note of and accept the terms, in order to partake in the activities and use the services on offer.


ArchiMete srl organizes individual and group activities in the sector of active tourism in the territory of Sardinia, and predominantly in the territory of Alghero and the naturally protected district areas which include: the Porto Conte Regional Natural Park and the protected Marine Area of Capo Caccia and the Isola Piana.
Services must be paid for at the time of the reservation with an advance payment of 30% of the expected fee (excluding the rental of rubber boats, which require a deposit of 30.00 Euros, except for the month of August when the deposit becomes 50.00 Euros) and settled in full before departure for the scheduled excursion. An advance payment of 30% is requested for all special offers (where, in the price list, the advance payment of the entire amount is not explicitly requested), excursion packages, and activities which require the reservation of services provided by third parties (specific tour guides, restaurants, accommodation facilities, services provided by suppliers, etc.).
All that which is not expressly stated in the section “The price includes”, like personal expenses, extra meals and drinks, pay-showers, lunches and dinners, transportation expenses to and from the meeting-place, etc., is understood to be the complete responsibility of the participants.
All prices published on the website include the percentage of VAT charges, as prescribed by the laws of the Italian State.
As far as the accommodations connected to the activities and excursion packages are concerned, ArchiMete srl collaborates with a series of accommodation facilities in Sardinia.  All facilities are clearly listed in the section “Where and how to sleep” on the institutional website  The facilities were selected by ArchiMete personnel to guarantee hospitality standards of both average and higher quality, in order to meet the differing needs of clientele.  The customer is absolutely free to choose among the facilities listed in the website, from those made available by the district, or from those found on an individual basis.  As far as the facilities listed in the website are concerned, there is no binding obligation to book these facilities, in order to partake in the activities proposed by ArchiMete srl.


 In case of unfavorable weather conditions, specific decrees of the Public Authorities, and in all cases where carrying out the reserved and/or purchased activities might place the safety of participants or the guides in jeopardy, or damage the integrity of specific natural settings, ArchiMete reserves the right to cancel or change the scheduled activities.  In the latter case, alternative solutions will be organized, with the aim of satisfying the customer as much as possible.  In case of cancellation of the activity, for reasons not dependent upon the Company, the payment amount received in advance will not be reimbursed, but can in any case be used towards the execution of new activities chosen by the customer.
Participants who, for whatever reason, choose to cancel a reservation will have a penalty applied (for the reimbursement of organizational expenses) to the amount paid in advance, in accordance with the following table:
• 10% deducted for cancellations made at least 30 days prior to the commencement of the reserved activity;
• 25% deducted for cancellations made at least 21 days prior to the commencement of the reserved activity;
• 50% deducted for cancellations made at least 11 days prior to the commencement of the reserved activity;
• 75% deducted for cancellations made at least 3 days prior to the commencement of the reserved activity;
• 100% deducted for cancellations made less than 3 days before the commencement of the reserved activity.
Participants are, in any case, obliged to contact ArchiMete srl (by phone at +39.333.6744889 or +39.334.9372278, or by e-mail at, specifying “Reservation cancellation” in the subject of the e-mail).

In the event the customer, who reserved and made a down payment, does not show up at the appointed time and day of departure for the excursion, or is more than 20 minutes late, with regards to the appointed time of departure, the group will depart and the advanced payment will not be returned.
In the event the minimum number of participants is not reached for certain excursions, ArchiMete srl reserves the right to change the kind of excursion or cancel it.  In the latter case, eventual amounts paid in advance will be returned to participants.  Cancellation can be avoided if all participants accept to pay the difference in price needed to meet the minimum amount.  If the cancellation of the excursion is attributable to ArchiMete srl, the entire amount paid by participants will be returned, without the right to any kind of extra compensation.
No additional costs sustained by the customer (hotel, flights, transportation, etc.) can be billed to ArchiMete srl.
PAYMENT: payment of activities must be completed before the departure of the excursion through cash payment, POS bank transaction with ATM card, credit card, or bank transfer.
In the event the customer of ArchiMete srl chooses to stay in one of the accommodation facilities which collaborate with the Company, and which are listed under the section “Where and how to sleep” on the institutional website, the payment of the stay must be directly carried out by the customer with the chosen facility.


Participants of the activities are responsible for following the instructions provided by the excursion guides and must not move away from the group, in order to ensure that their own personal safety and that of other participants is not placed in jeopardy, and in order to avoid eventual damage to the protected natural environment of the natural parks.  All participants, before departing for an excursion, must look over the information regarding safety and conduct during the activities, including the level of difficulty of the excursion and the recommended equipment.  It will in any case be up to the personnel of ArchiMete srl and/or the delegated excursion guides to inform the participants of all the regulations and safety measures which must be taken.  The Company will not be held responsible for eventual damages to things and/or persons caused by participants who did not observe the basic rules of correct conduct, or who carried out activities in a negligent and ill-advised manner.
All participants partaking in excursion activities which require a license (scuba diving, horse riding, etc.), must show the license in question to the personnel of the Company who, based on the level of preparation, reserve the right to admit the participant to the requested or scheduled activity.  The goal is to always ensure the maximum amount of safety possible.
In the event the participant has already obtained the license, but does not remember to bring it, the personnel of the tourist centre reserve the right to test the ability of the participant with preliminary practical tests.  The goal is to always protect the safety of both the individual and of others, and guarantee the maximum levels of safety.  For the preliminary practical tests (check-dive, and check-test for kayaking) a premium of 15.00 Euros may be applied.
At his/her discretion, the excursion guide who accompanies the group reserves the right to oblige one (or more) of the participant/s to interrupt the activity, if the technical level or the physical and psychophysical conditions of the subject compromise the personal safety of the individual and that of the group.
The excursion guides who work for and collaborate with ArchiMete srl are all professionals enrolled in the regional registry of tour guides for the Sardinia Region.
LIABILITY DISCLAIMER AND RELEASE: All participants of the excursions proposed by ArchiMete srl and by the third parties working in partnership with ArchiMete Srl towards the fulfillment of these activities, must fill out and sign a liability disclaimer declaring, specifically, to be in possession of an up-to-date medical certificate, which reconfirms the physical eligibility of the individual for participation in non-competitive recreational sport activities; to be in full possession of the psychophysical conditions needed for the activity; to have an understanding of the risks, both predictable and unpredictable, related to the recreational activities, and a willingness to assume the responsibility of said risks; and to have an awareness of and willingness to adhere to all the regulations, safety provisions and restrictions connected to the activities of the excursions.  In the case of underage participants, the legal guardian of the participant is responsible for declaring the physical eligibility of the minor for participation in recreational sport activities, as well as the possession of the necessary psychophysical conditions.  The relative liability disclaimer and release form must also be undersigned by the guardian on behalf of the minor.
Participants with particular needs or physical pathologies of any kind are, in any case, obliged to communicate these conditions to the tour guide before the beginning of the excursion.


All the recreational activities carried out by and with ArchiMete srl are covered by an insurance policy with Liguria Assicurazione and with a DAN policy (Divers Alert Network) for scuba diving activities.  The activities carried out by third parties, and by those who are not direct staff of ArchiMete srl, are not included in this coverage, even if they are present on the website  In any case, all the activities carried out by third parties are covered by similar insurance policies which protect the tour guides and participants during the activities.  The insurance policies do not cover eventual personal damages or damages to third parties in the case said damages are attributable to conduct which is negligent, ill-advised, and unobservant of the basic rules of safety.
ArchiMete srl is not responsible for eventual personal damages, or damages to third parties or things, which might occur at the accommodation facilities with which it collaborates.  In this case, it is the obligation of the customer to verify the insurance coverage of the facility chosen.
ArchiMete srl has a minibus which seats 9 people (8 passenger seats + the driver’s seat). After the regular reservation has been made, a customer transportation service is made available from and to the Alghero Fertilia airport, from and to the port of Porto Torres, and from and to the accommodation facilities listed in the section “Where and how to sleep” of the institutional website; as well as to all the places chosen for the excursions.
The minibus transfer service is not guaranteed for accommodation facilities, present in the district of Alghero, which do not collaborate directly with ArchiMete srl.  The only exception is if the client transportation service has been pre-emptively agreed upon with the Tour Operator or with the organizer of the trip.
For individual customers who partake in excursion activities with ArchiMete srl, but who do not stay in the accommodation facilities listed in the section “Where and how to sleep” of the institutional website, the meeting-place for the minibus transfer service must be agreed upon pre-emptively by phone at +39.333.6744889 or +39.334.9372278.

TRANSFER OPERATING HOURS: the service calls for hours and availability compatible with the business hours of the tourist centre, and roughly during the following time slots:
• 6:30-8:30
• 12 – 13:30
• 18:30 – 20
Eventual transfers outside these times must be communicated by e-mail or telephone with an advance notice of at least 24 hours.
Nighttime transfer is not provided (time slot from 22-6:30).
For the transfer service from and to other airports and ports in Sardinia (therefore excluding the port of Porto Torres and the Alghero Fertilia airport) the fee per person must be pre-emptively agreed upon with the customer or with the trip organizer.  This service requires advanced payment.


All personal data provided will be handled by ArchiMete srl in compliance with the regulations present in the Legislative Decree 196/2003, and with particular regard for art. 13.  Specific details regarding the handling of personal data is published on the institutional website (  It is the responsibility of the tourist centre’s personnel to provide the privacy policy statement, and receive the signature and acknowledgement of receipt of all customers.

The president of ArchiMete srl
Sandro Pileri

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