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School and sea: Mother Nature, really a special teacher!

30 Maggio 2014 | By


A snorkeling experience in the Marine Protected Area of Capo Caccia-Isola Piana to learn about the marine environment and learn how to respect all the organisms that inhabit it. It’s the environmental education project “Via Mare” (by sea) which was organized by the experts of the AMP (Marine Protected Area) Capo Caccia -Isola Piana. From the end of May, hundreds of students from several schools of Alghero – from primary, secondary to high school – have put into practice the lessons that biologists of the AMP had in schools during the year.

In small groups, equipped from OveringDivingCenter/ArchiMete with mask, snorkel, fins and wetsuits total body, pupils had the opportunity to explore the lively seabed of the Bay of Tramariglio, where is also the headquarters of the diving center with his services in active tourism. Everything was organized in complete safety: each pair of students has been strictly followed by the AMP guides and diving instructors from the diving center, and for children it was a wonderful adventure to see so  close, in their natural environment , organisms such as pinna nobilis (noble pen shell or fan mussel), octopus, starfish, sea urchins and shoals of european seabass, gilt-head breampreparazione and salps that are constant presence during every snorkeling tour in the Marine Protected Area .

The smile of the children , their desire to live in the water and the sea with respect and enthusiasm, are the best reward for working on this ambitious project of the AMP. Because training in the field, especially if directed to children, and the constant attention to the environmental sustainability of all activities proposed, are the best way to protect the environment and continue to build awareness for a more sustainable and responsible future.
For this reason all children who participated were rewarded with a nice diploma. An unexpected surprise that arrived before the end of the school year!
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