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Spin lobster: is the queen of Sardinia and a pleasant companion on every dive. Reticent but at the same time curious, it loves to parade its elegance right in front of your mask. A creature of habit, its feelers are always tuned to one program: the protection of nature.

Sea horse: one of the animals divers admire most for its nice look, but also for its elegant and slow moves. Its presence is a certainty for everybody, because it prefers natural and immaculate environments, where man’s presence is attentive and respectful towards nature.

Amberjack: is often a companion on wall dives and sea explorations. Its unmistakable silver dart lights the blue and is always exciting. It is rather shy and introverted, but as soon as it discerns the bubbles of divers in the distance, it gives a powerful whisk of its tail and curiously approaches.

Grouper: this silent and reticent fish is also very curious, and accompanies every dive taking place among ravines and seabed rocks. It is very jealous of its territory, but it also loves to parade around its strength and grandeur.

Barracuda: rapid, fast and silent. It is the predator par excellence of these waters and it often accompanies your descent and exit from the blue waters. The bubbles of divers are one of its favorite amusements, and it loves to parade along the shoal.

Dolphin: is the most playful collaborator of our staff. It darts, jumps, sings and often peeps out in the early morning from the calm stretch of the sea in front of Porto Conte. Sometimes it is cautious, but get to know him better and emotions are ensured.

Clawed lobster: faithful companion on many dives, above all, the ones in caves. Ravines are its kingdom, and lighting it up with a flashlight is sure to put it on its guard. It is very self-confident because it knows it can count on two powerful pincers…!

But that’s not all! As you can see from the pictures, there are lots of faithful companions of adventure to come across together!

We pay them well. We commit ourselves each day to protecting the environment in which they live; this is the most important part of our “holiday retreat” which lies between nature, history and freedom.

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